Maui has been rated the #1 island in the world by TripAdvisors' 2016 Travelers' Choice Awards and we couldn't agree more! 

Maui, the second largest island in the state of Hawaii, is an exceptionally special place overflowing with endless natural beauty.  

It is the home of two major volcanoes, deep lush valleys, a plethora of flowing waterfalls, tranquil freshwater pools, tropical ridges, breathtaking views, and world renowned beaches of black, white, and red sand.

The welcoming climate, a perfect balance of tropical trade-wind breezes, sunshine, various unique microclimates, and warm ocean waters, makes Maui an unparalleled place for sightseeing and tropical adventures.  

We're so grateful for Maui, and offer tours of the famous road to Hana, West Maui, tropical waterfalls, natural pools, tropical jungle trails, remarkable landmarks, local fruit stands and food carts, pristine beaches, and much more!