Everything You Need To know About Our Maui Tours

What's the difference between tours with Local Maui Tours and tours with other Maui tour companies?

Local Maui Tours is a small business that specializes in private, customized tours of Maui. Our tours are always privately run with only your private group of up to 7 people. 

Local Maui Tours was founded by and is run by Kellen Ferguson, who was born and raised on Maui. His extensive knowledge of the island is unique and offers tourist a much richer experience of Maui. Many other tour companies are not run by Maui locals and as a result the most exclusive hidden gems of Maui are not included in their tours. 

Our tours are uniquely designed to get you to the places that other tour companies don’t. We pride ourselves on sharing some of Maui’s most incredible, hidden locations to ensure that your experience of Maui is from a local’s point of view. We get out of the vehicle at all of the important beautiful lookouts, and take you to areas that other Maui tour companies drive right past.  

What do I need to bring on my Maui tour?

  • Water shoes

  • Wear a swimsuit and bring a change of clothes for after swimming stops

  • A towel will be provided for each guest if necessary, however if your hotel provides them, please bring them

  • Camera and/or GoPro

  • Money for snacks and lunch

  • If you're prone to motion sickness, notify us in advance and bring the appropriate medication

  • We do not provide carseats for babies or toddlers, so please bring your own if necessary

What if we aren’t hikers but want see all the amazing spots along a tour?

At Local Maui Tours no two tours are exactly alike, and we’ll customize your tour to align with your ideal guided Maui adventure. Certain tours are designed to focus on sightseeing and offer a plethora of photo opportunities, while other tours are designed to focus on hiking and more athletic activities. The opportunities are endless when it comes to experiencing Maui in many different ways! Our top priority is to make sure our clients are happy, and we know exactly how to personalize tours in or order to do so! 

Are tours with Local Maui Tours fit for people of all ages and physical fitness levels?

Our tours are customized to fit the capabilities and desires of your group! All kids over the age of 7 can be full participants in the tours. Please let us know before booking your tour If anyone in your group has a specific limitation so that we can accommodate each person’s needs.

What if we are traveling with babies and/or young children who require a carseat, stroller or baby carrier?

We encourage private family tours! Babies and young children, who will be traveling in a carseat,  are free of charge (space permitting). You must provide your own carseat, stroller and carries. They will also not be considered a guest (meaning 2 adults and 1 baby will be considered a 2 guest tour). 

What if I’m prone to motion or car sickness?

We’re aware that motion sickness is a problem for some people and always prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of our guests. We can customize your tour to avoid drives that are more likely to induce motion sickness. If you're prone to motion sickness, notify us in advance and bring the appropriate medication.  

During tours with Local Maui Tours are meals and/or snacks provided?

On all of our tours we offer complimentary loaves of banana bread (1-2 loaves depending on tour size). 

Meals and snacks are not provided by Local Maui Tours. We offer suggestions for many outstanding options along the routes of all of our tours-including food trucks, roadside stands, and/or restaurants-however, guests are expected to cover cost of all meals and snacks during our tours.

What if we need to cancel a tour that we’ve already booked and paid for?

Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. To make a cancellation please call us at 808-446-2611. In the event of a weather situation in which the tour cannot run, you will be issued a full refund.

Click on any of the below links to make a reservation or learn more about our private Maui tours. Also, feel free to call us at (808)-446-2611 with any questions or to make a booking!