Hana Waterfall & Beach Tours by Local Maui

Full Hana Loop Tour OR The Hana Jungle Tour 

Our Hana Waterfall & Beach tours offer Maui visitors a 8-12 hour, once in a lifetime tour of the famous road to Hana and beyond! 

Maui's famous Road to Hana runs along one of the most beautiful coastlines that Hawaii has to offer, full of exquisite, tropical, roadside attractions along the coast of Haleakala Crater.

With your personal input, we'll customize your private Maui tour to feature experiences most attractive to you.

Both tours include complimentary fresh baked banana bread (1-2 loaves depending on group size).

Tour activity options along the road to Hana include (but are not limited to)...

  • Walks through tropical groves of rainbow eucalyptus trees & tropical gardens

  • Hikes to pristine natural, Hawaiian waterfalls

  • Sightseeing & swimming in freshwater pools surrounded by tropical rainforests

  • Tours of lava tubes, caves, ocean blowholes, and ancient lava formations

  • Tours to relaxing, multi-colored sand beaches for swimming and sightseeing

For lunch and snacks, we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy many of the local culinary delights that Maui has to offer along the way to Hana including...  

  • Homemade coconut ice cream

  • Kalua pig tacos

  • Freshly baked banana bread

  • Huli Huli chicken

  • Plate lunches from Braddah Huts

  • Hana tours include complimentary fresh baked banana bread (1-2 loaves depending on group size)

After lunch we offer various guided activity options, including, but not limited to the following:

  • A hike to a rare red sand beach

  • A swim in a natural pool where a mountain stream meets the Pacific Ocean

The Full Hana Loop Tour vs. The Hana Jungle Tour...

Full Loop Tour pick-up is 7:45am & drop off is approximately 6pm.

Jungle Tour Pick-up is 7:45am & drop off is at approximately 4pm.

Most rental companies don’t allow rental cars to drive the full loop around Haleakala from Hana. However, Local Maui Tours offers this incredible option. This scenic and unique adventure gives you access to the untouched leeward coast of Haleakala Crater as well as spectacular views of the south side of Maui's coastline.

When designing your tour you'll be given the option to travel back the way we came, or drive around the base of Haleakala, where lush jungle gives way to rolling ranch land.  During the full loop to Hana tour there may even be time for wine-tasting at Ulupalakula Tedeschi Vineyard.

When choosing your tour please specify  whether you'd like to participate in this full Hana Loop Tour or the Hana Jungle Tour

Pick-up Time & Location...

Your experienced local Maui tour guide will pick you up at Local Maui Tours' designated meeting location at 7:45am and will drop you back off after your Maui tour!